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interoperability growth potential for future tasks with 28V / 80 – 160A AUX system, spacious dashboard and overhead panel and avionic box for additional, professional instruments

increased profit fuel-saving operations with MOGAS 95 or 98 and affordable maintenance with standard tools and spare parts keep costs down

for off-runway operations land and take-off nearly anywhere thanks to the tough landing gear with low-pressure tundra tires

sensors up to 100 kg integration of sensors for geo-sensing, infrastructure monitoring, environmental protection or disaster mitigation etc.

Image by Drew Beamer


Ease of use and enhanced security

Straightforward side-by-side seating and user-friendly systems, such as a button pre-rotation mechanism, contribute to safety, cost efficiency and ease of training.

Long range

This aircraft offers an impressive endurance of up to 7 hours and a range of 1,200 km with refuelling options of up to 120 litres. This high capacity and efficiency enables long-range flights for professional missions.


The GYRON.PRO Professional is equipped with a lightweight ULPower 390is 6-cylinder engine with 160 HP. Standard accessories and a smooth direct drive make for low maintenance. The electronic ignition system and fuel injection ensure reliable ignition in every situation.

Robust design for demanding missions

The system is suitable for demanding missions in a wide range of climatic conditions thanks to robust and durable materials and a modular design.

Cost optimization

Offers customised MRO contracts for fleet operators. Durable and easy to maintain systems are serviced by local resources to maximise fleet availability and optimise operating costs.

High mission flexibility

High mission flexibility with the ability to carry certified or non-certified payloads up to 100 kg. Whether for infrastructure monitoring, geo-sensing, VIP transport or logistical urgencies, simply choose the right payload for your mission.

Off-Runway Operations

With its hard landing gear, this aircraft can take off and land almost anywhere, even off paved runways. This makes it ideal for off-runway operations, giving pilots access to remote areas.

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